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OUR Project


Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

Mode of Study:

Modules and Self Study work

Duration of Study:

  • 1. Three Years (2+1-3) for M. Th
  • 2. Four Years (3-1-4) for MDİV,MA.


Any Masters Degree in Theological Education

Credit Hours:

Each Subject is 5(five) Credit Hours of Works

  • 1. Master of Theology (M. Th. Th.)/2 subjectsa semester40 Hours (Eight Core Subjects)
  • 2. Master of Divinity (M.Div.) /3 subjects a semester 60 Hours (Twelve Core Subjects)(Studetns entering without having had Greek & Hebrew will be dealt with on a case-by- cases basis.)
  • Master of Art in Biblical Studies Or Equivalent 70 Hours(15 Subjects a sementer +2 extracourses)(Students entring without having had Greek & Hebrew will be dealt with on a case-by-cases basis.)

Life Credit:

Students with 3 to 5 years in full time ministry are eligible for Life Credit 15 Hours

Module Time:

  • Model 1. April
  • Model 2. September/October

1. Int. Professors:

  • 1. Dr. Timothy B. Shorb, D.R.ED.,PH.D TRINITY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, Int. Guest Professor from USA
  • 2. Dr. Tony Miller, Th.D Bob Jones University national Guest Professor from USA
  • 3. Dr. David Shutter, D. Min. Dallas Theological Seminary, International Guest Professor from USA

2. National Professors

  • 1. Dr. Jewel Azyamah, Ph.D.,О.Т. Theology, AGST Manila.
  • 2. Dr. Peter Thiumei, Ph. D., Biblical Theology and Christian Apologetics. USA
  • 3. Rev. A.K. Chothe, Ph. D., Philosophy of Biblical Studies. USA

1 Admission Fee 3000.00 3000.00
2 Course Fee: 1500/- Per subject with 5 Credit Hours or each credit hour is (300x5=1500). 500x15 subjeuts) 22500.00
3 Text books costs are extra from credit hours: approx 500 x 15 7500.00
4 Two wecks foad and lodging costs is 3000 applicable only for those who will stay and eat at the hostel. 3000x6 18000.00
5 One week module fces 2000 applicable for everyone 2000x6 12000.00
6 Graduation Fee & A Gown will be provided 15000.00 15000.00
7 Affiliation or Accreditation Fee as the needs arise. 5000.00 5000.00
8 Grand Total 83,000.00