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    Feb 12,2020

    New Semester Starting from 5th December 2020

    Dear Friends and Students of HBS, it is to inform that the next semester will be started on 5th December 2020. All the students are required to contact the office for necessary registration of subjects and fee related information. HBS

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    May 7,2019

    Progress in Doctorate Programs

    It is a good news to inform you that the HBS will soon be signing an MOU with the Bethany International University for the Doctorate Program accreditation purpose. With the signing of the MOU between HBS & BIU, Singapore, our students are eligible to obtain Ph.D. & D.I.S. from the BIU which is recognized by the ICHE, Zurich, Switzerland. We praise the Lord for this new development in HBS administration.

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    Apr 8,2019

    Graduation and D.Min. started

    The HBS is constantly growing in many ways. The 4th Graduation was held on 6th April and although it was a rainny day, the delegates turned up in good number as expected. Secondly the Doctor of Ministry/Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies has been officially innaugurated at the HBS with 9 students being enrolled as the first Candidates for this program. Please continue to pray for us.

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    Apr 3,2019

    4th Graduation 2019

    The HBS is going to conduct its 4th Graduation Ceremony on 6th April 2019 at MGN Center. All are welcome at 10:30 a.m. Special Lunch will be followed after the service.

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    Mar 31,2019

    Baptist School of Evangelism (BSE)

    The HBS is committed to train local and indigenous leaders for outreach and church planting in grassroot level of ministerial oriented program. We called it the Baptist School of Evangelsim. It is a brain child of Vision2020Asia and through this program, more than 500 people have been trainned and most of them are serving full time ministries in their respective places in India, Nepal, Burma and Bhutan. Next session scheduled in the month of June 2019. There are limited seats for this program. The duration of this program is two months. Interested person may contact the HBS authority.

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    Mar 29,2019

    Doctor of Ministry in Leadership/ Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies

    The HBS is pleased to announce the new project called: Lid Lifter. It is for those who are fulltime ministers yet continue in studies to obtain higher degrees in Doctor of Ministry in Leadership or Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies. They are done in modular system. There will be Two/Three Modules in a year. The First Module will be started on 8th April 2019 at HBS campus. 1. Dr. Timothy B. Shorb, the former President of International Partnership Ministries will be teaching the History of World Missions in 21st Century. 2. Dr. Mike Privett, will be teaching on Church Missions. Applications still accepted. For further information, please contact us on 9830340976/9434040976 or hbseminary@gmail.com/akchothe@gmail.com